Gender Census

The Gender Census is an annual survey that collects information about the language used by people whose genders are not adequately described, expressed or encompassed by the restrictive gender binary. It has taken place every year since 2015.

The language we ask about includes identity words, honorific titles, and pronouns.

How can I take part?

The 2021 survey has now closed and you can read the results here.

To be prompted when the survey opens again in 2022, you can subscribe to the mailing list, or you can follow on Twitter, Tumblr, the Fediverse, or Patreon.

Who can take part?

The gender binary is a societal model that classifies all humans into one of two categories:

  • Woman/girl – always, solely and completely
  • Man/boy – always, solely and completely

If you feel like that doesn’t fit your experience of yourself and your own gender in some way, you are invited to participate. This includes, but is definitely not limited to:

  • people whose genders change over time
  • people whose genders fluctuate in intensity
  • people who experience more than one gender at a time
  • people who don’t experience gender at all
  • people whose gender is neither male/man nor female/woman

We also welcome anyone who:

  • rejects gender altogether
  • feels like they’re outside of gender
  • feels like they transcend or move beyond gender or the gender binary
  • doesn’t really understand gender as it applies to them
  • is questioning whether their flavour of trans might be binary or nonbinary

It’s completely up to you whether you feel you fit any of these. This survey leans on the side of inclusive.