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Participation / Promotion / Donation


If your experience of your gender doesn’t fit the binary of “always, solely and completely male” or “always, solely and completely female”, your participation is very helpful.

You can be notified when the survey opens by signing up to the mailing list here. (You’ll get about 3 emails per year: one if any crowdfunding is needed, one when the survey opens, and one when the results are posted.)

You can also follow us on social media:

Twitter / Tumblr / Fediverse / Patreon


While the survey is open, sharing the promotional social media posts (reblogs, retweets, etc.) is really helpful, as is sharing the survey link directly among friends on Facebook.

All year round, you can share the project with people who might be interested. You can also print these flyers to share. Here’s some ideas that have worked well for us in the past:

  • At an in-person social/support group
  • On tables at LGBT events
  • In envelopes with zines
  • On the counter in queer/feminist bookshops


Our page on Patreon lets us take donations “per creation”, in this case per survey. Once per year, when we’re ready to start the next survey, we draw in pledges from patrons. Any costs not covered by Patreon are raised with a one-off crowdfunding drive.